I’m Back??

My personal site always seems to be the most restless of all my sites. I never quite know what it is, other than what it is not.

I know it’s not my resume/portfolio site. The content and audience there is clear, and well-defined. I know it’s not my genealogy site. That’s all family history and research and is targeted primarily for my family and other researchers.

So, that leaves the question, why do I have this site, and who is it for?

My honest answer is, I don’t know. This is mostly a social site. Is it the beer and bourbon I love? Partly. Is it the pictures I take daily? Sure. Is it someplace for me to wax poetic about the topics of the day. Somewhat.

More than anything, this site is just kind of my social outlet where you’re going to catch whatever crosses my mind at any given time. This catch-all, social concept is to help connect the dots between my fractured, social presences and hopefully connect with people on whatever social platform is vogue that day.

Presumably, you know me–since you’re here–what would you like to see here? 

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