A Quick Look at Cloud Storage – Comparing Cost/GB

As our lives become increasingly digital, Internet speeds are faster, file sizes are larger and local drives are getting larger, and our reliance on these digital assets have increased. Quite frankly, not everybody has an array of drives at home. So, online storage has become an attractive option for backing up your files and making them accessible between multiple computers, phones, tablets and other devices that augment our lives.

Given the number of photographs and videos that I take, storage space is important–as is the economics. Sure, there are services like Amazon S3, and others, that are great repositories for files. And, there are PC backup services, like Carbonite, that will keep a complete backup of your PC. There are even services like GoToMyPC or PogoPlug that will give you remote access to your desktop computer. But, what I’m talking about here are services that allow you desktop-like, on-demand access to your files across multiple platforms (phones, tablets, computers, etc…).

Many of these services offer free space. Heck, if you were to sign up for several of the services I mention below, you could easily accrue 50 gb of free storage. But, that’s not very convenient. As indicated above, I have TONS of pictures. And, I make most of those pictures available on Facebook, Flickr. Facebook will store all of your pictures for free. And, Flickr will give you unlimited storage for $25/year. Not bad.

But, again, I’m talking about giving you desktop-like access to search, sort, open, share your files as you would on your normal computer. I don’t mean for this list to be exhaustive or a bible for cloud storage. There are gives and takes on each of these services. But, I’ve used them all to varying degrees of success, and failure.

In my opinion, there’s currently a quiet leader in this avenue of cloud storage, and it’s Copy. Anybody that follows me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ knows I’m a fan of Copy. Why? Because they do it well. Their user interface isn’t quite as spiffy as DropBox. But, it’s, by far, the most economic desktop cloud storage option in my opinion.

How do I figure? Well, I’ve taken the best (per year) deal from each of the leaders in this segment and broke the economics down into cost per gigabyte.

This isn’t a commentary on the ease of use. They’re all basically the same in that vein. You install the software, you designate a folder on your device, and the program stores that folder online and makes it accessible through your computers or devices that have that software–or through a website interface. An added feature is that with their respective apps, many of these programs will also instantly upload all of your pictures from your smart phone into your folder(s) and make them available to you on your desktop — and backed up if you destroy your phone.

So, from where I sit, here’s where you get the most for your money–assuming your storage needs exceed the free space you can get:

  • Copy (copy.com):            $0.39/gb (15-20 gb free)
  • SkyDrive (skydrive.com)   $0.50/gb (7 gb free)
  • ZipCloud (zipcloud.com)   $0.72/gb (0 gb free)
  • Box (box.com)                 $0.60/gb (10 gb free)
  • DropBox (dropbox.com)    $1.20/gb (2 gb free)
  • iCloud (icloud.com)          $2.00/gb (5 gb free)
  • JustCloud (justcloud.com) $2.40/gb (variable free)

As my Dropbox subscription is coming up for renewal, I did the price check for packages. And, amazingly, you can get 500gb of space via Copy for LESS than 200gb of space on Dropbox. That’s wild. You can get 500gb of storage that will sync across all of your devices for $150. That’s pretty amazing.

Note: just for reading this blog and signing up for Copy, you can get 20gb of FREE storage by using this link: https://copy.com?r=V7b7DJ

Pittsburgh’s Pub Chip Shop – Demon Barber Not Included

001For most of us around Pittsburgh, our experience with meat pies and a proper fish’n chip is limited to watching the Demon Barber of Fleet St. and a visit to your local fire hall during Lent.

We, as Pittsburghers, have cautiously adopted the craft beer scene and our home-town Riverhounds. You’ll find pockets of troopers that will face the late nights and early morning to catch the Chelsea F.C feeds from overseas. So, to hear a that a proper pie and chip shop was opening on Pittsburgh’s South Side is a testament to our embrace of the global community that makes up Pittsburgh.

Having long loved what Drew has done with Piper’s Pub, it’s been fun watching our community embrace another aspect of our cultural history. And, now, as a natural extension of his commitment, he’s bringing the South Side a proper chip shop — The Pub Chip Shop.

Yep, you’ll have your instant Demon Barber flash just by looking at the logo or the website. But, that’s marketing, my friend. But, once inside, you’ll quickly see all they have to offer.

002Honestly, it is a sensory explosion just walking through the door. I was lucky enough to have been invited to a sneak peek of the new shop, and knew what I was ordering right through the door. I’ll have the Scotch Pie!


004How do you not go straight to the lamb and see what they’ve done with their flaky pastries?  The carrots were lightly under cooked, but that’s why they call it a test run. The lamb was seriously stew quality and the pie…well, just yum. Light, flaky and filling. And, yes, of course, I had a side of chips. Some friends that were there as well had the beef, the seafood and the vegan vindaloo. All seemed to approve.

003But, it wasn’t just friends that were there. It was a solid test run that included several people that know the area and know their food. People like Rick Sebak and some social media influencers. So, it takes a lot of confidence to open your door in that fashion.

But, they’ve had the time to get it right. And, in my estimation they, did. So, it’s not a problem when the droves show up at a sneak peek to document their every bite.

And, hey, I just might be one of those that like to share what I do and don’t like. And, I can assure you that I loved every bite of this.

003bIn this area, sure we’re all fish’n chip connoisseurs. But, when it comes to meat pies, pastiess and baps, we’re all learning. And, I have to tell you, I loved every bite.  I can easily see this fitting in, perfectly, to what the South Side is becoming. NO! I don’t mean the raucous 2am crowd. I mean the cross-section of bikes, cafes, craft drinks, shops and curation that has made this city so diverse, yet indifferent, that makes everybody feel at home here and lets us feel at home when we’re abroad.

I understand the Pub Chip Shop is opening on Election Day 2013. Honestly, it’s worth broadening your horizons and tasting as many of the meat pies as you can. I do plan to be back.

The Dead Milkmen Ultimate Setlist

methodist_singleSo, the Dead Milkmen are coming to Pittsburgh for the first time in a very, very long time. Sure, Joe stopped by to play solo at the Quiet Storm. But, for the most part, it’s been a DM-free zone.

So, it’s given me a lot of time to think. If I were doing the set list, what would be my ultimate Dead Milkmen set list?

Realizing I can’t ask for them to play their entire discography, some good stuff had to hit the wayside. But, hey, since I’m king here, I feel like I’ve chosen a pretty solid cross-section of the discography.

You disagree? What would you add? Remove? How would you re-ogranize this for the best flow? You’re the king in your commentary…unless I edit it…mwahaha.

Ultimate Dead Milkmen Playlist. 1….2….3….go!

  • Big Time Operator
  • Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song
  • If you Love Somebody Set Them On Fire
  • Methodist Coloring Book
  • Surfin Cow
  • The Blues Song
  • Peter Bazooka
  • Little Man In My Head
  • Solvents
  • Anthropology Days
  • The Badger Song
  • Can’t Relax
  • I Started to Hate You
  • Life is Shit
  • I Dream of Jesus
  • Silly Dreams
  • Girl Who is Also A Mongoose
  • The Puking Song
  • Watching Scotty Die
  • Big Words Make the Baby Jesus Cry
  • Little Man in My Head
  • Serrated Edge


  • Do the Brown Nose
  • Bitchin Camero
  • Punk Rock Girl