What One Item From Your TV Past Would You Want?

Fans of popular series, Breaking Bad, bid nearly a million dollars for various items from the sets of the show. Among those items, included nearly $10k for a pair of used underwear and $25k for a teddy bear. TV does inspire a certain passion among fans.

Unsurprisingly, this auction inspired some discussion about items from other TV shows that people might want. My initial reaction was straight to super heroes. I thought, it’d be awesome to have The Greatest American Hero’s suit. I’d go bonkers over the Six Million Dollar Man’s red jumpsuit. I’d forever carry the Ultra Man capsule, pushing the button until I transformed. (I would!!)

But, once I got through those knee-jerk, I-Want-To-Be-A-Hero impulses, I gave it some more thought. While things like super hero outfits might be cool on the set of How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory, what would I really want? What would I be proud to display for a lifetime?

mister-rogers-photo-with-trolleyI was surprised at my ‘final answer.’ But, I guess I shouldn’t have been. I’d decided the most awesome thing to have from my TV past would be Mr. Roger’s trolley to the Land of Make Believe. That trolley was a huge part of my TV past and took me awesome places when I was young. That whistle and the chimes (while I realize played externally…now) could pull me in from three rooms away. I don’t know why, but it did.

Years later when I was given the chance to visit the Land of Make Believe in person, it was as magical as the days when I watched it. For a moment, I was transported to my imagination and loved it. But, just on the chance that the trolley wasn’t available, I’d be more than content with one of Mr. Roger’s hand-made sweaters or his blue canvas shoes…

So, that begs the question. What one item would you want from your TV past? And, don’t let me discourage you from saying a super hero cape or anything. Just because I got all sentimental, doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome things!

Confession of an Apparent Guilty Pleasure

Confession! This is something I would have sworn on my life to the contrary. But, somehow I, apparently, now like a Miley Cyrus song. This video is surprisingly amazing, and I’m sure it’s because the Roots and Jimmy Fallon are involved. But, admittedly, I never knew Miley could sing without auto-tune. Now that I’ve got that off my chest. I invite you to check this out, it’s Miley, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon singing “We Can’t Stop” a cappella. Don’t tell anybody.