Eat Local: Restaurants Around Beaver County

Food, Beer, Breakfast, Bunch and Bites In and Around Beaver County

No surprise to anybody that knows me, that I like my food! You’ll catch a theme here in that I’m not necessarily into chain restaurants, but rather small, local restaurants near Beaver County that have great value and great food! If you’re in the Beaver County/Pittsburgh areas, I’d encourage you to patronize these places and eat local. You won’t be disappointed! Do you have a place you’d like me to check out? Let me know. I’m always up for new adventures to restaurants near me!

  • Bowser’s Restaurant: 1493 Old Brodhead Rd. Monaca, PA 15061 (724) 774-5536
    It’s Pittsburgh-style without having to fight your way into the city or search for parking. Bowser’s (aka Fries & Slaw) has a great Pittsburgh-style sandwich selection–or for the lighter appetite, wraps. I’m a fan of getting the Pittsburgh-style steak wrap with steak, chees, slaw and fries…topped off with lots of Siracha hot sauce. Just in case the sauce gets a little hot for your taste buds, Bowser’s has a growing selection of craft beers. They’ve now expanded into two coolers–with a nice selection of Dogfish Head beers. Wing night is a decent deal, with their hot ranch being my favorite.
  • Bradys Run Grille and Guesthouse: 449 Constitution Blvd. Fallston, PA (724) 843-9001 Two words — comfort food. From corn beef sandwiches to big burgers, this is the quintessential comfort food menu. From breakfast to dinner to bar food, this place has it all at a great price. It’s in my regular rotation for breakfast–getting the breakfast scramble wrap. Into the evening, there’s a nice little bar attached that also serves the full menu.
  • El Paso Mexican Grill: 2527 Darlington Rd. Beaver Falls, PA 15010 (724) 846-1449 There’s a reason that this place is always packed and it’s because it’s a great meal at a great value. From traditional to ‘traditionalized’ Mexican meals, it has something for everyone. My favorite is the Beef Burrito Durango. But, I’ve never seen a bad dish there.
  • Vesuvio’s Pizzeria: 88 Wagner Ave. Monaca, PA (724) 728-9210
    Ever since Vesuvio’s has moved into its new location, it has been one of my go-to favorites. They’ve got a lot more than pizza going on at Vesuvios. Their home made wheat fettuccini is fantastic. The calzones and hoagies are quite large. Their wedding soup is very hearty. And, my favorite is the cucumber salad. They also deliver in Monaca & Vanport. Pizza is a little expensive. But, it’s still well worth it.
  • Pacentro’s Pizzeria: 2282 Brodhead Rd. Aliquippa, PA (724) 788-1148
    Antipasto salad. It’s pretty much automatic for me when I walk in there. I get the salad with their balsamic dressing. It’s a full plate with all the good stuff. Their calzones are honestly HUGE! I can’t imagine eating one in a single sitting, but I have friends that do. Pacentro’s is Italian-themed. Owner, Guy Celeste is usually out on the floor greeting guests.
  • Yolanda’s Family Restaurant: 1601 Pennsylvania Ave. Monaca, PA (724) 775-3325
    Italian fare: chicken pot pie calzone, gyrozone, chicago-style pizza, gnocchi and their chocolate-peanut butter pie are among my favorites! (also in Chippewa). Things have changed at Yolanda’s but I still like the food. The calzones are shrinking, but the scicilian pizza is still the best. I still love them, but just sayin….
  • The Back Door Tavern: 128 Beaver St, New Brighton, PA 15066 (724) 843-4918
    Two words: Huge Sandwiches! Not only does the Engle family provide a great menu of huge sandwiches, their beer selection is among the best I’ve seen. It’s a craft beer oasis with very reasonable prices. My one, and only, knock on the door would be their seating policy, which is unnecessarily rigid. But, if you’re headed to the bar, don’t stop, run. It’s fantastic.
  • New Sheffield Cafe: 2211 Sheffield Rd. Aliquippa, PA (724) 375-5680
    Big portions, decent price. I love their steak salads with cubed cheese and ranch dressings. The large is truly ginormous. I also like their cafe kabob. I get mine with all lamb meat, which is very tender and tasty. And, did I mention they give you free popcorn when you sit down? It doesn’t take much to make me happy!
  • P’Dubs: 899 Pennsylvania Ave. Monaca, PA 15061 (724) 709-7864
    Paul has made this place a top notch sports bar, seriously. While it’s not much to look at from the outside, he has put a great investment in the right direction for this new place. Big screen TV’s, tons of them! Good drink specials. Good wings and pizza. A few years back I fell into this place during March Madness and they did it right. Since then, any time I’m looking for a place where a game, boxing match or sporting event will be on, this is the go-to location. While they claim they deliver, I would suggest against it. I tried delivery ONCE and it will be the only time. Eat-in for the game, or any other time, I have no reservations in suggesting it.
  • Patrick’s Pub: Intersection of Brodhead & Spring Run Ext. Moon Twp (724) 457- 9770
    A favorite hangout of mine! You can’t go wrong with the daily specials–especially the Patrick’s Original. This place is on a great path, adding lots of craft brews, new menu items and expanded hours. But, for me, burgers and beer are the way to go when you’re hanging at Patrick’s.
  • Bocktown Beer & Grill: 500 Beaver Valley Mall, Monaca, PA 15061 (724) 728-7200
    If you’re into craft beer and great local food, there is no better place to be(er). They always have 16 great craft beers on tap and an insane library of craft beers that are spread across a wall of coolers. And, if that wasn’t cool enough, Chris, the owner, is an avid supporter of eating local. Bocktown has a huge menu made from local products. Chris prides herself on saying that Bocktown is a YEStaurant, meaning their menu is very customizable for picky eaters like me! The staff at Bocktown is very knowledgable about beer. Test them and see if they can’t find a beer you’ll love. There is also a second location in Robinson Township at 690 Chauvet Dr. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Tinitique: 500 Market St. Bridgewater, PA 724-774-7071
    Their menu is absolutely insane. They serve everything from Mexican, Italian, Greek, American Cafe. The menu is over ten pages of everything. My favorite is the French-dip prime rib sandwich, but I’ve never had a bad meal there. Now they’ve added breakfast as well. Their omelets are top notch. And, I’m not a bloody Mary guy, but I’m told they’re quite good. This place is well-hidden so just trust your GPS.
  • Papa Dukes: 3416 Broadhead Rd. Monaca, PA 724-371-0445
    Gyros! Holy smokes these guys make great gyros. I used to have to go to PNC Park or Aliquippa (Paris Grill) to get these fantastic gyros. Now, we’ve got Papa Dukes in town. I really should know what else they have on their menu. I know they have a buffet, but seriously I can’t order anything else but the gyros. They also have great breakfast. I don’t think I need to tell you, but I suggest the gyro omelets.
  • J.W. Halls Steak & Seafood Inn: 2284 Brodhead Rd. Aliquippa, PA (724) 375-6860
    A great spot for dinner for two or the whole family. I’m partial to the Inn Steak and Langastino Combo along with the salad bar and baked potato.
  • Eggs N’at: 8556 University Blvd. Moon Twp., PA 15108 (412) 262-2920
    Breakfast, Pittsburgh style! Big servings, home made and good price. How do you go wrong? I’ve not met Kelly, the owner, but she’s doing a great job. I’m a huge fan of her breakfast burritos and omelettes. These ARE your mom’s scrambled eggs–just the way she’d make them with milk and cheese. And, her home fries are magnificent. And, while this is not in Beaver County, it is quite close. They’re only open for breakfast and lunch and parking is in the back.

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