I’ve been quite fortunate in that I have a job that affords me the ability to travel and see new places. I love to go new places and I love to photograph the places I’ve been. If my quick count is correct, I’ve been to 36 states in the US and 15 different countries. Pretty awesome! But, at the same time, there’s a lot I haven’t seen, but hope to in my lifetime.

Based on a quick scan of the map, here’s where I remember having been:


Bahamas India Puerto Rico
Belgium Ireland Sweden
Canada Mexico United Kingdom
Finland Netherlands US Virgin Islands
Germany Norway  

United States

Alabama Arizona Maryland
California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
Connecticut Missouri Tennessee
Deleware Mississippi Texas
Florida Montana Virginia
Georgia North Carolina Washington
Hawaii New Jersey Washington DC
Illinois Nevada Wisconsin
Indiana New York West Virginia
Kentucky Ohio  Wyoming
Lousiana Oklahoma
Massachusetts Pennsylvania

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